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Our business activity consists of several sections:

1. Complete engineering in electrotechnics up to 20kV

  • Development of concept design of power supply, management and protection of different kinds of electro consumers
  • Development of main electro-project
  • Programming of management and monitoring of facilities PLCs and SCADAs
  • Production and assembly of electro-cabinets
  • Production and assembly of busbar trunking
  • Assembly of the overall electro-equipment
  • Adjustment of measuring devices, frequency regulators, soft start devices, reactive power regulators
  • Commissioning
  • Training of operators and users
  • development of as-built documentation
  • Delivery and takeover of the overall electro-equipment and electro-works on different kinds of industrial and infrastructural facilities and complex business and housing objects

2. Sales and delivery of electro-equipment

3. Service of Schneider-Electric equipment

4. Service and maintenance of the plant within and witout warranty period