About us


Head office address Križevci, Istarska 27

Competent body

Trade court in Varaždin
Foundation year 1990.
Registration number 010007718
Identification number 3502562
OIB 55371845242
Business activity 7112 engineering and related technical consulting (NKD 2007)
Sector 2007 M - professional, scientific and technical business activities
Sector 2002 K - architectural activities and engineering and related consulting services
Ownership private ownership
Origin of capital 100% domestic capital
Accounts IBAN24840081105634730

Company Elektro-čelik ltd. was founded 1990 in Križevci and today it is represented by a professional team consisting of twenty two (22) motivated employees (13 with university or college education). We dispose of the fully equipped office in Križevci for elaboration of electro-energetic installations and programming of automatization systems, as well as electro-workshop for production of distribution cabinets up to 5000A, and full storage of electro-equipment.

Our motto

Our motto is cooperation for mutual benefit. This is the reason why Elektro-čelik ltd. is represented by our partners, investors and clients for whom we have conducted full or partial implementation of electroworks: ranging from electro design engineering, PLC programming, delivery of electro equipment, commissioning to maintenance of electro equipment in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as in Switzerland, France, Romania, Tanzania, Ukraine, Denmark, Venezuela, Honduras and the US. Their satisfaction with conducted works and quality of delivered goods as well as continuous cooperation is our greatest recognition.

Mission and strategy

To create high quality electro-projects and management programmes. Implement such projects with the equipment of top world producers of electro-equipment such as Schneider-Electric, Siemens and Moeller-Eaton for the satisfaction of our investors, clients and users of the facilities.

Vision of development

To be a successful company where each employee finds not only good and safe existence, but also pleasure in work as well as stimulating and friendly environment. Through cooperation with secondary and higher education institutions related to ICT and electrotechnics we help secondary school students and university students during their education and provide them the opportunity to find a job working with contemporary tools and equipment.

Principles of business activity

  1. Good will - when hiring an employee, besides professional knowledge we pay special attention to good will for cooperation and know-how transfer with the employees Elektro-čelik ltd. and our partners. We consider that good will creates an environment resulting with good products and services.
  2. Each work assignment gets our maximum. Each work, service or equipment we deliver represents a not only a reference of Elektro-čelik ltd., but also a reference of electro-engineers, programmers and skilled workers that worked on that assignment.
  3. We wish to develop a long lasting cooperation with each client and obtain references for future works.
  4. Our reaction to new requests, removal of deficiencies within or after the warranty deadline needs to be as quick and adequate as possible.

Prizes and acknowledgements

Elektro-čelik ltd. obtained the award "Zlatna kuna" in the category of small SMEs for the most successful company in Koprivnica-Križevci County in 2004 and 2005.