Commissioning of automated system for venting waste gases - WAM Product Ltd.

WAM Product has a ventilation system for 15 welders and cutters, due to health and safety. The system was very uneconomical due to the continuous venting at full power (2x11kW and 15kW) and the ejection of warm air from the hall.

Regulation is performed with Schneider-Electric frequency converters. We have delivered assembled cabinet for automation in our electrical workshop, according to our project. Management of frequency converters is done via an air pressure sensor inside the ventilation pipes, which required airflow in the workplace is kept to the optimum, regardless of how many are active.

The result is a significant energy savings, reducing the motor power by a factor of 5 and the automatic shutdown of ventilation if all workplaces inactive until the next change.

Ultimately, the energy savings are made, but also the durability of the ventilation system.