Electrical filter Turčeni

After the positive experience gained during the commissioning of electrical filters on Pljevlje power plant in Montenegro, we set up another SCADA system for Turceni power plant in Romania.

In an effort to achieve high environmental standards in the work of one of the largest coal-fired thermal power station in Romania, the decision was made about reconstruction of electric filters which allocates a large amount of ash and other unwanted particles from the smoke, which should not exceed a concentration of 50mg/Nm3.

Electrical filter is located at the end of smoke channel from block 3 (in total there are 7 blocks, each power 250MW), in which electrodes are connected on the DC voltage of 80kV. Both electrodes collect ash that must be mechanically collected for delivery in the cement industry.

Elektro-Čelik is established the SCADA system consisted of 8000 points, based on a Siemens PLC series S7-300, and is connected to the existing power plant control system in order to carried out continuous supervision of the plant and the quality of exhaust gas.

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